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A smooth, matte and non-reflective finish. The honed texture reduces the vibrant color found in a polished stone leaving you with a warm, but slightly dull finish. The variations in the stone are still visible in this aesthetically pleasing selection. A popular choice for flooring and wall accents.


Flamed or Thermal

A rough granite finish that highlights the sparkling crystals against a lightened background. A method consisting of torching the stone face followed by water cooling to shock the minerals in the stone. This enhances the crystal properties. Flamed panels are typically used in flooring and exterior applications. Additional weight is added with this selection due to the stone veneer needing to be thicker to handle the stress fractures caused by the thermal shock.



This finish is created by “sawing” the stone with diamond disc teeth. It produces a somewhat rough and irregular surface with small furrows and undulations. Sawn finish makes the stone lighter and gives it a matte tone. Sawn finish is available for external paving, steps, pathways, driveways and patios. This surface is a result of sawing, when the granite, marble, sandstone & Travertine block is sawn into slabs by diamond gang saw or by diamond wire saw or by block cutter. The sawn surface is generally smooth but probably some “blade / saw markings” can be seen on the surface of the material.



A highly smooth, reflective finish that magnifies the stone's natural apperance. The polished stone finish brings out the rich colors of the stone and enhances natural pattern and veining. The most popular finish, as it shows off the depth and beauty of the natural stone. This finish reduces porosity of stone making it more resistant to staining. Polished stone is not recommended for outdoor flooring as there is minimal slip resistance.

Rub and Sand.png


This texture is achieved by blasting the face of the stone with sand through an air gun. It produces a rough finish lighter in color than the polished finish. The stone is left with very small craters in the surface resulting in a silky, matte appearance but without the coarse and sharp protrusions of other textures.  Semi-smooth and light in appearance, this finish creates a subtle contrast between the stone's color and crystals.



This process produces an irregular, textured surface in stone.  Finishing machines producing this finish use pneumatic hammers to carve the surface. Crystals are uniformly fashioned to create a light-on-dark "stippled" effect across the finish's coarse surface.

Split & Dressed.png

Split & Dressed

Diamond Ground.png

Diamond Ground

A natural, jagged cleft-face design permeates this finish, with untrimmed edges that create a rugged effect throughout. Faces can be convex, concave or flat. 

A coarse surface that is slightly rough to the touch, the finish mutes the appearance of the stone's natural color and grain structures.










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