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A new interpretation of natural stone collection varying in size and large format.




Blocks suited for tiles production are selected directly at the quarry.




Natural stone has been a constant presence all along architecture’s evolution.



Entire walls, gigantic backsplashes, fireplaces, floating and integrated countertops: this product is perfect for any contemporary application.




1.2 Ultra-Thin is our marble collection combining thinness and lightness, thus making product handling and laying much easier.

About Marbela.

Crafting Excellence in Custom Stone Fabrication and Bespoke Furniture

At Marbela, we're not just another custom stone manufacturer and furniture creator. We are architects of exceptionalism, where artistry meets engineering, and your visions transform into timeless realities. Discover what makes Marbela your definitive choice for monumental custom stone fabrication and exquisite bespoke furniture, as we unveil your vision and turn your competitors green with envy.

Elevated Virtue and Unyielding Integrity

Step into the world of Marbela, where virtue is our cornerstone. Our commitment to unwavering integrity, transparency, and the loftiest ethical standards forms the essence of our reputation. With Marbela, you're selecting more than a service; you're partnering with trust, honesty, and the highest ethical principles.

Precision Beyond Imagination: Crafting Excellence

In the realm of custom stone slab, block, facades fabrication and bespoke furniture, build to withstand all elements and last a lifetime; precision is our currency. Marbela is celebrated for its meticulous attention to detail. Each project, whether it's an interior stone masterpiece or a custom furniture opus, is a testament to our relentless pursuit of perfection.

The Vast Canvas of Marbela: Size, Scope, and Artistry

Marbela isn't just a manufacturer; we are the epicenter of innovation and creativity on an unprecedented scale. Our portfolio spans from grand interior and exterior stone symphonies to handcrafted bespoke furniture marvels. Be limitless with your size and boundless in your scope.

Where Intrigue Meets Intellectual Mastery

The Marbela experience is a cerebral odyssey. It commences with intrigue and unfolds through intellectual innovation. We delve into new horizons, green initiatives, staying at the vanguard of design trends, and integrating cutting-edge technologies to create projects that stand as architectural masterpieces.


Marbela: Your Choice of Distinction

Selecting Marbela is not just a choice; it's a proclamation of your dedication to unbridled quality, unwavering ethics, and the assurance that your pieces will be curated by experts who comprehend the intricacies of high-end, large-scale undertakings. We don't just fulfill your vision; we create the extraordinary with every project.

Join us on a voyage of sophistication and excellence. At Marbela, virtue, attention to detail, and our grand scale converge to craft architectural and furniture masterpieces that define luxury and elegance. Contact us today, and let Marbela turn your dreams into tangible works of art.

General Terms & Conditions

At Marbela, we uphold a commitment to professionalism and transparency in every facet of our business. To foster a clear understanding of our payment terms and conditions, we encourage you to review the following information. It's our priority to provide you with comprehensive insight into our payment procedures 

i) Fluctuating Balances and Payment Schedule

  • Adjustable Total Balances: The total balances specified in this agreement remain subject to potential alterations, contingent on any supplementary work, adjustments, or material requisitions during the project's duration. All financial transactions are denominated in Canadian currency.

  • Timely Payment Schedule: A decisive payment schedule will be determined no later than the agreement date, underscoring our commitment to promptness.

  • Securing Your Project: To initiate your project, a 50% security deposit payment must clear prior to the project's commencement date.

  • Balance Settlement: The remaining 50% balance is expected to be settled 24 hours in advance of the installation. Nevertheless, Marbela reserves the prerogative to request full balance payment upon agreement date, contingent upon the specifics of the initial project, existing contractual arrangements, or trust agreements.

  • Default Implications: Clients found in breach or default of their payment obligations, and such breach remains unremedied, may face a temporary suspension of project operations. Marbela retains the authority to terminate this Agreement, with termination becoming effective upon the receipt of written notice.

  • Late Payment Charges: Overdue accounts will incur a 1.5% monthly interest charge (equivalent to 18% annually).

ii) Firm Pricing and Project Scope Discounts

  • Steadfast Price Commitment: Our pricing structure is unwavering; the prices detailed in this agreement are set. Any discounts applied are contingent on the overall project scope.

  • Scope Adjustments: Should any deviations, deductions, or line item removals transpire within the project scope, this may necessitate a recalculation of the balance, considering the full cost of the affected line item.

iii) Proprietary Rights and Financial Aspects

  • Retained Proprietary Rights: Marbela maintains exclusive ownership rights over all procured materials and work until both contractual fulfillment and account balances are discharged in full.

  • Price Transparency: The listed prices are computed at their gross cash value, with an additional 13% HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) applied to total balances.

  • Credit Card Payments: Payments made using Visa, Mastercard, or Amex through Square will incur a 4% surcharge, streamlining the payment process.

iv) Convenient Payment Methods

  • E-Transfer Convenience: Payments can be expedited through E-transfers, addressed to INFO@MARBELA.CA, ensuring efficiency and ease of payment.

  • Cheque Payments: Clients opting for cheque payments can make them payable to MARBELA INC., ensuring a straightforward transaction process.​

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